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I had hormonal imbalance,bloating and insomnia issues before i joined Aarti’s fitness class.with all her support and guidance i could overcome all these issues.her clases are always a fun filled one with muzic dance workout.really blessed and thankfull to have a friend cum mentor who supports motivates and guides in the right way to achieve our fitness goals. ‎
Smruti Rekha Patra

I am a house manager & I have been practicing yoga with my energy packed trainer, my friend, my pack of full dhamaka who always surrounds you with her positive vibes .she makes you feel so comfortable she studies you and notices all the intricate details about you and works on buiding your strength. she will always tell me don’t focus on your weightloss,focus on your strength.she’s highly experienced specialised in Yoga,Mat pillates,Nutrition,HIIT,Functional training.she goes with the flow while making u comfortable, she acknowledges that everybody is different and, gets you through the challenges with a smile.
Aarti Sukhthankar

Fitness sessions were intense , fun, interesting and challenging . Each class added a health motive,lots I learned about my own body though the fitness class of Rti.I seemed to be under a good guidance.Thank you

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